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NFPA Engagement Opportunities

Getting involved in NFPA activities is one of the best ways to bring added value to you and your company. NFPA is on the forefront of many industry-shaping initiatives. Your active participation not only brings necessary industry expertise to the table, it also connects you to knowledge, resources and business opportunities you can’t get anywhere else.

To help get you or others in your company connected, we’ve summarized below a list of opportunities aligned with NFPA’s current strategy. It’s just a representative sample. There are many other opportunities—including some of your own creation—to better align your interests with our objectives. That helps both of us. To discuss this potential, or to volunteer for anything listed below, please contact our Membership Manager, Leslie Miller, (414) 778-3369.

Top Four Current Opportunities

1.  Joint Work with IFPS and Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America logoThe BSA Hydraulics & Pneumatics Subcommittee of the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) Education Committee is in discussion with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) about the potential of a Hydraulics and Pneumatics Merit Badge. We are looking for troops and councils to host "experimental programs." The committee plans to run "experimental programs" over several months to ascertain the interest level in the hydraulics and pneumatics merit badge among scouts. Volunteers are needed from across the country that are involved with our industry and interested in helping with this project. Learn more here.

2.  NFPA Member Recruitment Campaign

NFPA’s membership is growing and thriving yet we do need our members' help in getting the word out. Following recent changes to our bylaws, our focus this year is on recruiting more fluid power distributors into the membership. We are very pleased that these approved changes allow NFPA Distributor members to not only vote in NFPA elections, but more importantly, are eligible to serve on the NFPA Executive Committee. This greatly enhances their role in governing the association. We need existing members—distributors and manufacturers alike—to help us identify good distributor prospects and connect with them as industry partners to share the value of joining NFPA.

Future Leaders3.  Future Leaders

Recognizing the need to engage the industry’s future leaders is critical for both the association and the industry, NFPA formed the Future Leaders Network. This vibrant and energetic group is open to representatives from all NFPA member companies who fit certain age and career growth criteria. They meet in-person at both the NFPA Annual Conference and the NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference. It is a self-directed group with projects developed by the members.

NFPA Fluid Power Challenge4.  Fluid Power Challenge Events

Five NFPA members are currently organizing Fluid Power Challenge Events in their local communities—connecting their companies with dozens of eighth-grade students and teachers to introduce them to fluid power and get them interested in career opportunities in our industry. Many more members are needed to host new events, or to serve as competition judges for one of the existing events. Click here to learn how you can host a Challenge.

Ongoing Projects

Participants benefit personally and professionally, too. While working together for the good of the industry, they have the opportunity to develop strong relationships with other industry leaders.

For more details about each of the Ongoing Projects contact Leslie Miller.



NFPA is a member-driven organization. Association committees and boards take the lead in directing projects that not only strengthen the fluid power industry, but also provide members with tools for their own success.

NFPA committees include:

For more information related to committees click here.