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NFPA's Mission and Strategic Priorities


NFPA strengthens the fluid power industry by:

  • Providing an effective forum for fluid power manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to advance their collective interests
  • Providing its members with timely and accurate industry statistics and business intelligence that supports improved decision making
  • Providing opportunities and resources for its members to promote the unique strengths and inherent advantages offered by modern fluid power technology
  • Helping to increase the number of technically trained people capable of integrating and applying fluid power, and connecting them to careers in the fluid power industry
  • Helping to increase the number of university engineers educated in fluid power, and connecting them to careers in the fluid power industry

Our success depends on the active involvement of our stakeholders from across the supply chain—both in developing new programs and participating in those that provide the greatest benefits to their organizations.

NFPA Constituents

Manufacturers. Fluid power manufacturers are the core of the NFPA membership and the driving technological force in the industry. Manufacturer members design, manufacture and sell fluid power components in the United States or other NAFTA country.

Distributors. Fluid power distributors are a key link with the industry’s customer base and, increasingly, an active partner for value-added services. Distributor members buy and sell fluid power components from manufacturers and often provide engineering and system integration services to their customers.

Suppliers. The fluid power industry is served by an array of product and service suppliers, critical for the growth of our industry and the applicability of our technology. Supplier members sell fluid power subcomponents or raw materials to manufacturers, or provide business or other essential services to the industry.

Educators. Fluid power is taught in an increasing number of schools and institutions, helping to develop a better-informed workforce for our industry. Educator partners are universities, technical schools or high schools that teach fluid power to students, or perform fluid power research.

Customers. While not currently part of the NFPA’s membership, fluid power customers are a vitally important part of the supply chain. NFPA actively builds alliances with customer-based organizations and explores ways for customers to be involved with our technology development, international standards, and other appropriate activities.

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