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What is hydraulics?

Simply put, hydraulics is a means whereby signals and energy are transmitted, controlled and distributed using a pressurized liquid—most often oil or water—as the medium. Hydraulics can be effectively combined with other technologies through the use of sensors, transducers and microprocessors.

    Hydraulic Case Studies icon
 Case Studies of Applications Utilizing Hydraulic Technology

  NFPA's Fluid Power Product & Distributor Locator is where you can find a list of hydraulic products that
    are available from NFPA members.

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  Principles of Hydraulics Online Training

 Basic Hydraulics Interactive Training CD
This fully interactive tutorial and testing system is for anyone who needs to know basic hydraulic principles. From circuit diagrams to physics, each type of component is covered and its operation simulated and explained. The CD covers 12 units; each unit contains its own test to help users track their progress. You may purchase this CD from the Online Store, price – $10.

 Learn more — links to NFPA member companies offering training programs and resources.