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What is pneumatics?

In a nutshell, pneumatics is a means whereby signals and energy are transmitted, controlled and distributed using pressurized air as the medium. Pneumatics can be effectively combined with other technologies through the use of sensors, transducers and microprocessors.

 Case Studies of Applications Utilizing Pneumatic Technology

 Cost Reduction through Pneumatics Automation
    Excerpts from NFPA's popular handbook, prepared through the cooperative efforts of the pneumatic
    manufacturers in the Association's membership.

  NFPA's Fluid Power Product & Distributor Locator is where you can find a list of pneumatic products
    that are available from NFPA members.

 Fundamentals of Pneumatics, a free online training program designed to introduce you to the basics of
    this exciting technology.

 Learn more — links to NFPA member companies offering training programs and resources.