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NFPA's Electronic Statistical Toolkit

Statistical Toolkit
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Developed under the guidance of the NFPA Economics & Statistics Committee, C3 Statistical Solutions, and the NFPA Staff, this Excel®-based software package will expand the user’s economic view of their company and our industry by combining multiple NFPA data sources with the types of analytical tools used today. Toolkit users can automate time-consuming calculations, trend analysis and custom forecasting with simple point-and-click menu options as you create graphs and hard data that can be easily transferred to other reports and presentations.

Toolkit applications include:

  • Basic Trend Analysis includes single and dual series trend analysis applications for quick fluid power industry trends and comparative research.
  • Advanced Trend Analysis includes universal trend analysis application allowing for the use of any two data sources and correlation analysis with lags application to identify leading indicators and trend relationships.
  • Market Share Analysis allows for company and industry market share and segmentation analysis.
  • Custom U.S. Forecast Tool uses a weight allocation model that allows you to assign customer market weights to your company and products to create a custom U.S. forecast.
  • Custom Global Forecast Tool uses a weight allocation model that allows you to assign global hydraulic and pneumatic demand weights to your company and products to create a custom global demand forecast.

Important Reminder: NFPA membership and participation in NFPA’s Confidential Shipment Statistics (CSS) program are required to become eligible to access the Toolkit.

As a Toolkit user, you will receive monthly e-mails alerting you to when updated data files are available for download. This e-mail will contain the link and instructions needed to keep your Toolkit up to date with the latest industry data. In addition, you can add/update your own company and custom data sources for use in all of the Toolkit applications.

A limited access version of the Toolkit is available to those NFPA members not eligible to participate in NFPA’s CSS program.

The Toolkit is very user friendly, but users with questions or problems can get assistance by contacting Eric Armstrong at or (414) 778-3372. Eric Armstrong also offers a Toolkit Review Webinar for those individuals who would like a detailed walk-through of this valuable resource.

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